Dating a gold digger

15-Jun-2017 09:40

Basically, a gold digger takes for granted that you’re a gentleman, and when it comes to shelling out money, you’re the one for the job.

No.6 She hates other women Always dressed in the finest clothing and looking gorgeous, the gold digger flaunts the fact that she likes to take care of herself. Since she places emphasis on her looks, she is wary of and competitive with other desirable women and dislikes their company if they are just as gorgeous or as status-endowed as she is. No.5 She uses her looks for short-term gain She has to get to the front of the line at clubs, so she pops open a button on her cleavage-exposing top.

You’re her promotion to a more fabulous, expensive life.

No.2 She’s out of your league Your ego is boosted when you consider that she’s so much hotter than you are, but bear in mind that this could be a bad sign.

But she doesn’t use her looks for long-term goals, simply because she doesn’t have any.

No.4 She’s status-obsessed The gold digger craves high status, thinking that she can gain it by how she looks and dresses.

If they seem more entranced by brand names and designer labels than by asking you about your day or listening to your deepest thoughts and feelings, or if they’d rather go shopping than go spend a day holding hands with you in Central Park, or if they’re constantly looking for upgrades – won’t fly anything but first class, always want the penthouse suite in the hotel – and pout when they don’t get their way……it’s time to run away as fast as you can. This is a good tip in general but is also good for gold diggers so it’s an important reminder.

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Though you might mistake her curiosity for interest in your life, she’s probably sussing you out to ensure you will be able to pay her way through the relationship.No.3 She climbs boyfriends Instead of climbing the corporate ladder, the gold digger straps on her Manolos to use boyfriends as stepping stones.

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