Dating cat and mouse

11-Jun-2017 16:48

The film opens to a man and women making passionate love, reflected in a ceiling mirror. The woman straddles the man and moves her hips atop him - her face is hidden by her long blonde hair. Gus and Nick drive along the coastal shoreline on a winding road to Stinson Beach, where they enter the driveway of the multi-million dollar deluxe "beach house" where two ultra-expensive sportscars (one white, one black) are parked in the driveway.

The murder scene in San Francisco is investigated by a tough police detective named Nick Curran (Michael Douglas). Nick: Well, Roxy, do you know where your friend is? Its director-writer team of Paul Verhoeven (known for earlier films Robocop (1987) and Total Recall (1990) and then Showgirls (1995)) and Joe Eszterhas (known for Jagged Edge (1985)) created this exploitative, soft-porn, excessive, controversial film known for its negative portrayal of lesbianism, violence, initial X-rating, and voyeuristic, sensational, gratuitous sex.