Dating consent

29-Sep-2017 19:31

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If you really want to fall in love with her and plan on being with her in the long run, age is no issue.

qftman you should seriously consider working on yourself and forgetting about relationships for a little while.

DO NOT lie to her parents about your age, they will eventually find out how old you are and the fallout will be much worse then if you are honest with them.

If you are a good guy and they like you it shouldn't matter how old you are.

Anyway, I am not saying all this because I think you're a bad person.

I get a huge feeling of disappointment, then tell her my age (mid-20s). i go through periods of anxiety about it, but also a good feeling knowing someone out there likes me. I never met anyone with such good looks, and intelligence, and they are interested in me!

You're probably more mature, responsible and financially stable then most guys her age so you have that going for you. Age may be a number to you, but to society and the law age can lead to another number.number of years on your sentence.

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Well, unlike Hyun Sik, he really is playful but he is not that OA and exagg but he is still funny, his exagg parts are also necessary and acting is somewhat on point. If there were more episodes, I would definitely watch them. and i thought she want to betrayal her bestfriend, kim hae jin. but nice at all Finished it a few days ago but just refuse to let go. This is highly recommended for those who want some light but great story. I really like Siwon's singing in ost of this drama. He is a talented singer,actor, and he can dance too. I was bit cautious to watch this but he'll I was wrong. I especially love park soe joon ànd koh joon character. Watch this drama..will make you feel warm and fuzzy and everything nice. I especially loved the love koh joon's character had for our female lead. The chemistry between the hye-Jin and Shin-hyuk was palpable and out of this world. Yes, Ha Ri's family problems were pretty useless and Siwon is kinda pointless too, hey, but who else thought Ha Ri and Siwon were going to get together?? but then again, everyone has their onions (opinions, supposed to be a she was pretty reference) pfft get it? okay :( this drama is gold from the start to the current episode which is 15 (NOOO 1 EPISODE LEFT) p.s. D: tbh I think the slowest eps in this drama was 11-13, following the on the edge of your seat eps 9 and 10 that were made more so due to the postponement of ep 9. The appeal of this story is about "puzzle love" when seong Joon try to find his first love and his heart still race though has been met Hye Jin that he didn't know she is the real one. I think Hari put it back in Hye Jin Bedroom after show it to Sung Joon I feel so sorry for Shin-Hyuk :( I mean, he doesn't deserve all these. But I guess, the heart wants what it wants and in this case, it wants Sung-Joon.… continue reading »

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UN DISASTRO In risposta alle bestialita' scritte sul corriere dal commentatore n.50 (non c'e' nome) -forse colluso.… continue reading »

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Part of it, too, is that there’s more of an understanding (or at least there’s supposed to be) that hiring and applying for jobs is, well, business not personal.… continue reading »

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