Dating for sci fi nerds

28-Sep-2017 16:28

They are probably also Hollywood Dateless, and the social ineptitude may only be an Informed Flaw.

They may even shoot straight into Hot Scientist or Hot Librarian territory without help from their smarts to pull it off.

His relationship with Allison models respectful, responsible teen dating.

Some adults come across as the teens' enemies, including a tough-talking coach and the hunters who track the werewolves.

After watching several episodes on a recent cross-country flight, I’ve concluded that this show is bad for American Science.

Take your average attractive actor or actress and stick on Nerd Glasses, a lab coat and some Messy Hair and clothes to make them Hollywood Homely.

Thus BBT reinforces the popular stereotype that scientists are social misfits (mostly male) who can’t get a date.