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21-Sep-2017 14:32

I bought a bottle of this is remonds me of many smells from my teens, it has the same floral vibe as paris and a cherry blossom quality about it. Xxx I can't believe when I'm reading the notes here that they are the actual notes! No fruit, no cypress, not really any ginger - only strong, low-quality cedar oil. But the more I wear it, the opening reveals that it's quite florally-cloying.Very nice fragrance indeed This perfume is so Oo underrated!!!!! I smell tiare and jasmine here, barely any quince (if any, then over-ripe one). The middle and dry down are beautiful, the spicy warmth of it is my favorite part. But that opening is too much to bear..florals are your thing, then you will really enjoy this fragrance.

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This is completely inoffensive and office friendly and I would like my own bottle just because I really enjoy the combination of freshness, spicyness and woods.Online shops offers:2 items for 10.95 - 16.50 GBPPerfume Click 4 items for 11.30 - 18.60 uk 3 items for 14.19 - 26.49 GBPEscentual 2 items for 18.50 - 30.00 2 items for 20.00 - 25.00 GBPBeauty Expert 2 items for 20.00 - 25.00 2 items for 20.00 - 25.00 3 items for 23.00 - 40.00 GBPThe Perfume Shop 1 product for 24.99 GBPView products...