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Space Olympics Space Patrol Space Raiders and the Planet of Doom Spell of the Winter Wizard A Stage Set for Love Starship Traveller (original) Starstruck Staying Alive Stormbringer Companion Summer in the Sun Summer Love The Super Trail Bike Race Superman: The Man of Steel (American edition) T*A*C*K Into Danger Talisman of Valdegarde Terminus Time-Flight Timelost The Tomb of Amenosis Tortured Souls #1 Tortured Souls #2 Trapped in the Black Box Tu clave es Jonás Underground Kingdom Viaje bajo el mar Viaje por las galaxias The Video Avenger Villains of Volturnus The Visitor from Outer Space Voyage sous les mers The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (American edition) Woman in Power Politics Woman in Scale with Sword and Shield Woman Up the Corporate Ladder Wow! You Are the Coach: Basketball (paperback) You Are the Coach: Basketball (hardback) You Are the Coach: Football (paperback) You Are the Coach: Football (hardback) You Are the Coach: Hockey (hardback) You Are the Manager: Baseball (hardback) You Are the Star of a Muppet Adventure Das Abenteuer beginnt!

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You're Shrinking Hero of Washington Square Der Hexenmeister vom Flammenden Berg Hill Troll with Club Holiday Romance Horror Hotel!

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Happiness Eye of the Dragon Famous and Rich Fantastic Fortune Flight into the Unknown The Forbidden Castle Full Circle Games (January, 1982) Gamesmen of Kasar Gang Busters Gorga, The Space Monster The Green Slime Greenwald Tales The Haunters of Marsh Hall Hela's House of Dark Delights House of Danger I Can't Wait I Want It I Want to Play Inside UFO 54-40 Invitation to Murder Journey from Rigour The Keeper of Traken The King's Mission The Last Book The Leisure Hive Logopolis Lost in a Strange Land Lost in the Wilds "Mad Dog" Johnny Drake The Mad Dwarf Maguffin Hunt Man in Chainmail with Sword and Shield Message from Heartbreak Mountain Met 'n ballon oor die Sahara The Most Amazing Amusement Park in the World Mountain of Mirrors Nightmare Store The Old Dwarf Mine Orb Quest Pan-Galactic Security Breach Pegasus #7 Phony Stones Pillars of Pentegarn The Pirate House The President's Stuck in the Mud and Other Wild West Escapades Professor Q's Mysterious Machine Questworld Return to Brookmere Sea Battle Near Melniboné Solo Quest Solo Quest 2: Scorpion Hall Solo Quest 3: The Snow King's Bride The Spell of the Black Raven Star Frontiers: Basic Game Rules Star Smuggler Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - Distress Call State of Decay The Stone of Badda The Storm Sunken Treasure The Sunmakers Survival at Sea System Failure Terror in the Fourth Dimension The Third Planet from Altair (British edition) The Time Raider The Train of Terror Vampires, Spies and Alien Beings The Visitation The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (original) Warriors' Gate White Dwarf #31 The Wizard's Web Your Very Own Robot El abominable hombre de las nieves The Adventure of the Jade Jaguar Agent of Death Al Sahara en globo The Amazing Bubblegum Caper Arc of Infinity Ares #13 (Winter, 1983) Aventures dans l'espace The Bigfoot Mystery Blizzard Pass Blizzard Pass Boys! The Case of the Clever Computer Crooks The Case of the Video Game Smugglers Castrovalva Cautivo del OVNI 54-40 The Cavern of Doom (American edition) La caverna del tiempo Circus of Fear The Citadel of Chaos (original) The Citadel of Chaos (American edition) City of Thieves (original) Crash Landing!X's Golden Scheme The Mummy's Tomb El mundo imaginado Murf the Monster Musashi no ken sara [ムサシの剣 サラ] Museum of the Living Dead Le mystère de la momie Le mystère de la toupie magique Mystery at Loch Ness Mystery at the Ball Game Mystery at the Bike Race The Mystery of Atlantis The Mystery of Echo Lodge Mystery of the Ancients Mystery of the Snow Pearls The Mystery of Ura Senke The Mystery Squad and the Candid Camera The Mystery Squad and the Creeping Castle The Myth Makers La nave estelar perdida Nazo no piramiddo pawaa [謎のピラミッドパワー] Nejikureta akumu no mori [ねじくれた悪夢の森] Nidnuks Blister Pack Night of the Living Dead Night of the Nazgûl Nightmare Planet Nightmare Store (British edition) Nightmare Universe Ninja Gimmicks Pack Ninja Tactic Cards Ninja with Ninjato Ninja [忍者] Nogard Nome de código : Jonas Nødlanding i bjergene Oberst Bloods planer Odisea en el hiperespacio Oe!