Pyare afzal episode 22 online dating

22-Nov-2017 06:09

Yeh karaara jawaab deney ka khel bas tum dono kyun khelte ho?

She made her intentions very clear- she wanted nothing more than Afzal’s happiness and the only way Afzal was going to be happy was if he ended up with Farah.

Afzal never became accustomed to living a life of luxury- his spirit remained in Hyderabad, in the confines of his Love in its truest form is selfless and Yasmeen loved Afzal with such depth that she couldn’t imagine him miserable and she knew only too well that Afzal would remain miserable without Farah.

Yasmeen grew frustrated with Farah’s denial of her feelings- jaag jao Farah; iss keemat pe kabhi mat sona- tumne kaiyyoun ki neendein haraam kardein hein…

Iss liye shayad tum ek psychiatrist se shaadi kar rahi ho , andar se tumhe pata hai ke tum bemaar ho…

Ussey bas tum chahiye ho, ussey torh dene wali; wohh Hyderabad se tootkar aya tha aur jo Hyderabad se toot kar aye, wohh Karachi mein jurh nahin sakta!

Do you think the last episode will be as straight-forward as it seems or does the writer have a few more surprises in store for us before wrapping the last 40 odd minutes?

The dialogues, the execution, the sparing use of background music, the actors par excellence, could this possibly be the greatest drama bar none?

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The engagements haven’t taken place as yet so anything is possible from here on.

Also, she saw the way his parents had grown to love Farah and when Afzal confronted her she had enough reasons to justify her acts- Jisko tum mangni samajh rahi thi, mangni nahin horahi thi; ilaaj ho raha tha tumhara- hum dono ka khayaal tha ke tumhe kuch different kasam ke shocking treatment ki zaroorat hai…

Tum dono ne maar daala ek dosrey ko lekin ye nahin kaha ke ek dosrey se pyaar karte ho!

Farah’s anxiety is at it’s peak- she cusses to her heart’s content and entices Lubna to do the same.

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Clearly the trauma of her experiences have rendered her insane- Afzal has leveled the playing field even if he has had to pay a steep price for it.

Despite her disappointment, Ruqaiyyah is eager to speak with her future Both the ceremonies are taking place simultaneously- after Isha prayers.