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The girls were rescued when a police officer saw their car parked the wrong way, and came by.

“It’s another person’s words against another person’s words.A grainy black-and-white surveillance video showed Katie being forced out of the store around pm, by a man wearing jeans, a backwards baseball cap and a New York Yankees baseball jersey with the number 23 on the back.The man's hand was at the back of her neck, and from the way she touched her throat, there might have been a cord tied around her neck.The Panthers (10-4) can wrap up a playoff spot with a victory, but still need to help to catch the New Orleans Saints for the NFC South championship.“I heard an analogy — the calmest part of the tornado is right in the middle,” Newton said.

During an Oval Office meeting on immigration, President Trump asked why the U. is accepting people from "sh*thole countries," and then suggested the U. should allow more people from countries like Norway.By the time he reached adolescence, Blom was a heavy drinker and exhibited behavioral problems.