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Only four rivers drain into the Mississippi from the east, while six rivers form a confluence on its right bank (4). ------- (1) this is less straightforward than it might seem.On the eastern shore, these are (north to south): Many thanks to Michael Donatz for sending in this map, which in honour of Thomas Jefferson's never-realised state of Metropotamia (literally, 'land of the mother river'), and to avoid litigation by the Tube map people, could be called the Mississippi Metro Map (original context here, on the blog Something About Maps). First there is the issue of where to draw the border.It's no coincidence that the Gateway Arch, symbolic portal to the West, is located in St. At the same time, the Mississippi is also a great unifier.Its basin covers 40% of the continental United States, the rivers and other waterways it connects extend across 31 states, enabling commerce between places flung far across the North American continent. John W Lewis Jr., MD, is a Family Practice specialist in Rosedale, Mississippi.He attended and graduated from University Of Mississippi School Of Medicine in 1981, having over 37 years of diverse experience, especially in Family Practice.In his lawsuit, which is only one side of a legal argument, Gibson alleged that Billy Joe, who was the mayor's brother, prevented proper investigations of all three of the 1990-era murders.Now, there is a police report available on the Horsley case and the CNL has seen it.

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This map, also indicating major cities and places of confluence, looks like it shouldn't be too hard to memorise, even.

One of the best examples of the river's myriad functions is the Mississippi.