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It was historically known as Ploxwangate, deriving from Ploughswain gate, meaning 'the street of the man who repairs ploughs'.Ploxwan was corrupted through natural changes in English speech to Blossom.A street called Blossomgate also exists in Ripon and has the same origin.St Mary's Bar Convent near Micklegate Bar in Blossom Street was built in 1765 by Thomas Atkinson.Exhibition Square and the street of Boortham lie just outside the bar.It stands on the site of a Roman gateway called Prima Porta Dextra and was the main medieval entrance into the city from the north through the Forest of Galtres.

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The city gateway of Bootham Bar lies at the western end of High Petergate, within the city walls.

The historic gateways to the city of York are called 'Bars'.

Aldwark is a street that gets its name from 'Old earthwork' and was so named because the Roman wall that surrounded York ran near here.

It was built as a grand ball room, but Daniel Defoe later described the work as tasteless.

Blossom Street is the southern continuation of Micklegate, outside Micklegate Bar.

It was the home of York's Merchant Taylors' Guild, established by a Royal Charter of Incorporation from Charles II in 1662.